What is the BITFLEX Affiliate Program?

What is BITFLEX?

BITFLEX stands out as a trading platform catering to both new and experienced traders. Established in 2022, BITFLEX offers a seamless experience with its straightforward design, ensuring easy navigation for beginners and providing advanced trading tools for more seasoned users.

The platform distinguishes itself with a focus on simplicity, offering a user-friendly interface that has contributed to its popularity among traders. BITFLEX supports spot and derivatives trading for a variety of cryptocurrencies, so users can trade according to their preferences.

BITFLEX has quickly gained traction in the crypto community, thanks to its intuitive interface, advanced trading tools, and the introduction of an affiliate program. This multifaceted appeal positions BITFLEX as a suitable choice for both beginners and seasoned traders alike.

In this article, we will dive into the details of the BITFLEX affiliate program and what it has to offer. Let’s take a look:

What is BITFLEX Affiliate Program?

BITFLEX’s affiliate program presents an opportunity for users to earn commissions by introducing new individuals to the platform. This initiative serves as a strategic marketing approach, rewarding users for successfully bringing in new customers.

The process is simple. All you have to do is invite a new user with your affiliate link or referral code and encourage them to use the platform. When the user starts trading you will start getting rewards accordingly.

Participants in BITFLEX’s affiliate program can earn commissions of up to 50% on the trading fees generated by their referrals. The platform enhances user experience by providing direct access to real-time data on campaign performance, invitees, and earnings. This transparency allows users to monitor their affiliate progress and adjust strategies accordingly.

One of the standout features of BITFLEX’s affiliate program is the option for users to collaborate with sub-affiliates, increasing their earning potential. That means you won’t just be earning rewards from your referral’s trading fee, you will be getting rewards for their referral’s fee as well. Beyond monetary incentives, top performers in the program are also eligible for exclusive prizes.

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Benefits of BITFLEX Affiliate Program Works?

The BITFLEX Affiliate Program offers various benefits, making it an attractive choice for those looking to introduce their audience to a reliable crypto platform while earning passive income.

High Commission Rate (50%):

When you sign up for an affiliate program the percentage of the commission is really important. BITFLEX stands out by offering a substantial commission of up to 50% on every trade made by users who sign up through your affiliate link. This competitive commission rate is a top feature that sets the affiliate program apart from others.

Real-time Performance Tracking:

BITFLEX users benefit from direct access to real-time data, allowing them to monitor their affiliate campaign’s performance, invitees, and earnings. The main dashboard provides quick insights into essential metrics such as trading volume, total commission, and referral statistics, allowing affiliates to make informed decisions and improvements. Users can also segregate the data on the basis of campaigns and timeframes.

Sub-Affiliate Partnerships:

BITFLEX goes beyond the norm by enabling affiliates to form partnerships with sub-affiliates. This unique feature allows affiliates to earn rewards not only from their direct referrals but also from the affiliates brought in by their referrals. This multi-tiered structure makes this affiliate program more enticing and rewarding.

Exclusive Rewards Beyond Commissions:

In addition to commission fees, the BITFLEX Affiliate Program offers exclusive rewards, including privileges, special events, and exclusive merchandise. This adds an extra layer of incentive, providing affiliates with additional perks beyond monetary benefits.

Responsive Customer Support:

Having a good customer support is vital for any affiliate program. BITFLEX prioritizes excellent customer support for its affiliates. The presence of a dedicated affiliate manager makes sure that affiliates receive prompt assistance in resolving any issues they may encounter. This commitment to responsive support minimizes potential disruptions for affiliate partners.

Campaign Building Tool:

BITFLEX provides affiliates with a user-friendly campaign-building tool. This tool streamlines the process of creating well-designed campaigns, allowing affiliates to attract more signups efficiently. You can design campaigns for your social media in no time with this tool and still see highly effective results.

BITFLEX Affiliate Program Benefits

How to Join BITFLEX Affiliate Program?

Joining the BITFLEX Affiliate Program is a straightforward process. You can become a BITFLEX affiliate by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Create a BITFLEX Account

To begin, you need a BITFLEX account. Visit to set up your account. If you already have one, you can skip this step. If not, sign up using our special link or referral code “AhLVNL.” You can also read our step-by-step guide on how to create an account on BITFLEX.

Create a BITFLEX account

Step 2: Navigate to the Affiliate Program Page

After setting up your account, click on the “Affiliate” tab on the home page. This will take you to BITFLEX’s affiliate page. Click on “Join Now” to proceed.

Navigate to the Affiliate Program Page

Step 3: Fill out the Affiliate Form

Upon clicking “Join Now,” a form will appear. Fill in the required information, including your name, email, residence country, nationality, and preferred communication method. Check the information provided twice and submit the form.

Fill out the Affiliate Form

Step 4: Sit Tight and Wait for Approval

After submitting the form, all you have to do is wait for approval. Applications are typically reviewed within 48 hours. If you don’t receive a confirmation email within this time frame, you can reach out to BITFLEX support for assistance.

How to Manage Your BITFLEX Affiliate Account

Once you have gotten the approval you will need to get familiar with a few things before you begin your affiliate journey.

Access Your Dashboard

Once you’ve successfully registered for the BITFLEX affiliate program, you’ll notice a new option under the profile icon tab in the top right corner. Click on the “Affiliate” option in the drop-down menu to access the affiliate dashboard. Alternatively, you can also reach your dashboard by clicking “Affiliate” from the website header. This will direct you to your Affiliate dashboard, providing an overview and easy management of your affiliate-related activities.

Access Your Dashboard

Generate Your Unique Affiliate Link & Referral Code

Upon accessing the dashboard, you’ll encounter an interface resembling the image below. On the right side of the dashboard, you’ll find the option to generate your unique referral code and link. It’s crucial to note that the affiliate link and referral code serve as evidence that a user was recommended by you. Ensure that everyone you invite signs up using this unique link and code.

Viewing Your Earnings

After generating your unique referrals, you can check your earnings by navigating to the earnings dashboard. Click on “Commissions,” and it will display your earnings over time. Initially, it might be empty, but it’s essential to become familiar with it. You can utilize various filters to access data in the future, gaining a better understanding of your campaigns and finding ways to enhance their performance.

How to Create an Affiliate Campaign for Your Community?

To promote your affiliate link and referral code better, consider setting up affiliate campaigns for your community using the BITFLEX affiliate dashboard. Here’s a quick guide:

Step 1: Navigate to the Campaigns Tab

In your affiliate dashboard, find the “Campaigns” tab and click on “Create New Campaign.”

Navigate to the Campaigns Tab

Step 2: Fill in the Campaign Details

A popup form will appear after clicking “Create New Campaign.” Fill in essential details such as the campaign title, tags, and duration, and indicate if you want mixed traffic links.

Step 3: Choose Social Media Platforms

Check the social media platforms where you intend to run your campaign. BITFLEX will generate unique links for each platform, making it easy for you to share them across different channels.

Step 4: Submit Your Campaign

Submit Your Campaign

After entering the required information, click the submit button. Your campaign will then be visible in the campaigns tab.

By following these simple steps, you can easily create and launch social media campaigns, making it super simple to share your affiliate link and referral code with your community across various channels.

Who is Eligible for BITFLEX Affiliate Program?

BITFLEX affiliate program is suitable for anyone who is one of the below and has access to some community.

  • Individual
  • Organization
  • Crypto Community

BITFLEX affiliate program is ideal for individuals with a substantial community presence, ranging from 1000 followers to accounts with over 10,000 followers or more. Whether you are a YouTuber, Instagram/Twitter influencer, content creator, crypto community leader, part of crypto media, or associated with a crypto institution, the affiliate program offers a suitable platform for those with an established community presence.

Important Tip

To ensure a smooth and effective experience as an affiliate, it’s important to steer clear of certain actions. Firstly, avoid creating multiple accounts on the BITFLEX platform; maintaining a single account promotes transparency and trust. Engaging in fraudulent activities to earn commissions is strongly discouraged, as such practices undermine the integrity of the affiliate program. Refrain from false advertising on your social media accounts; presenting accurate information about BITFLEX is key to maintaining credibility. Furthermore, avoid comparing BITFLEX negatively to other crypto exchanges or using derogatory language, and focus on promoting the platform positively. Lastly, it’s crucial not to mislead your community, whether by lying or charging extra fees using the BITFLEX name. Upholding ethical standards is paramount, and steering clear of these practices is essential to derive the maximum benefits from the affiliate program and contribute to a positive community experience.


In conclusion, the BITFLEX affiliate program presents a fantastic opportunity to improve earnings while engaging in cryptocurrency trading. Its simplicity and ease of joining make it accessible to a diverse range of individuals, from content creators to crypto community leaders. With generous commission rewards of up to 50% and additional prizes, including rewards for sub-affiliates, BITFLEX stands out in the affiliate program space. Real-time data analytics and campaign-building tools further improve the effectiveness of affiliate campaigns. In summary, BITFLEX affiliate program emerges as an excellent choice, offered by a user-friendly exchange.

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