BITFLEX Fees: Things You Need to Know Before Trading on BITFLEX

When it comes to crypto trading understanding fees is as crucial as knowing the price movements of the asset you are trading. Trading on cryptocurrency exchanges comes with its own set of considerations, particularly regarding fees. When you are buying or selling crypto on any exchange you are being charged a fee every time you make a transaction.

BITFLEX is known for its relatively low fees among exchanges, but it still imposes a fee regardless. This article dives into the specifics of BITFLEX’s fee structure for different trading markets. Let’s take a look:

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BITFLEX Trading Markets

BITFLEX offers two different markets which means you have two options when it comes to trading:

  • Spot Trading
  • Derivatives Trading (USDT Perpetual Contracts)

Spot Trading

Spot trading is a straightforward approach that involves purchasing assets with the anticipation of their value increasing over time. The term “spot” comes from the immediacy of ownership – you buy and own the asset instantly.

In spot trading, your investment is limited to the amount you can afford. This adds a layer of safety compared to other trading markets. Essentially, you’re only at risk of losing the invested amount. Even in the worst-case scenario, where the token’s value diminishes, there’s no obligation to sell. Spot trading is simple and is ideal for new traders. BITFLEX offers ten different cryptocurrencies on its Spot Market.

Derivatives Trading (USDT Perpetual Contracts)

Derivatives trading involves financial instruments whose value is linked to an underlying asset, be it a cryptocurrency, fiat currency, or commodity. In this type of trading, traders speculate on the future price of the underlying asset or use it as a risk management strategy.

BITFLEX exchange introduces derivatives trading, specifically in the form of USDT perpetual contracts. The platform provides leverage with these contracts, enabling users to trade with funds surpassing their account balance. The leverage on BITFLEX ranges from 2x to 100x for leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

While derivatives trading attracts those seeking swift profits in a short timeframe, it’s essential to note the associated higher risk. This approach requires a keen understanding of the market dynamics and a risk-tolerant mindset. Currently, BITFLEX is offering 24 different USDT-Perpetual pairs on its derivatives market.

Fee Structure

BITFLEX like most exchanges has a straightforward fee structure where two types of fees are involved:

  • Maker Fees
  • Taker Fees

Maker Fees

When you place a limit order on an exchange you become a market maker. This means your order adds liquidity to the order book for that particular asset. To encourage traders and orders on their platform, exchanges often offer a lower fee, known as the maker fee, for market makers compared to takers.

If your trade order isn’t immediately matched with an existing order, you qualify for the maker fee. While you might be charged a fee for placing the order, there’s also the possibility of receiving a transaction rebate for contributing liquidity to the market.

Keep in mind, that exchanges rely a lot on market makers and need as many of them as possible. That is one of the main reasons the fee for market orders is also generally lower.

Taker Fees

When you place a market order it swiftly takes away part of the available liquidity on the order book for a specific asset. This rapid execution, while beneficial for the trader, diminishes the overall liquidity on the exchange. In response, exchanges impose taker fees to discourage trades from depleting existing pending orders. Typically, the taker fee is higher than the maker fee.

If your trade order is executed immediately, and it contributes to the reduction of liquidity in the market, you incur a taker fee. Some traders prioritize the swift settlement of their orders and are willing to pay a higher fee for this convenience. In such cases, they opt for a market order to ensure immediate execution. This creates a balance between those seeking rapid transactions and those adding liquidity to the market.

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BITFLEX Spot Trading Fees

BITFLEX spot trading fee is pretty straightforward as it follows the maker/taker structure explained above. As of now, BITFLEX is offering ten different cryptocurrencies on its spot market including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, and Polkadot. The general maker and taker charges for each cryptocurrency pair are given below:

Trading PairMaker FeeTaker Fee
MATIC/USDT  0.015%0.06%  

BITFLEX Derivatives – USDT Perpetual Contracts Fee

In derivatives trading on BITFLEX, the fee structure involves both maker and taker fees. Unlike spot trading fees, derivatives fees hinge on additional considerations such as your 30-day trading volume and membership level.

Your membership level on BITFLEX is determined by the extent of your trading activity within a specified timeframe. The more you trade, the higher your membership level becomes. This tiered system influences the fees you’ll be charged. Now, let’s dive into the breakdown of these levels and the fees associated with them:

Membership TierMaker feeTaker Fee
Level #00.0150%0.0600%
Level #10.0120%0.0500%
Level #20.0090%0.0450%
Level #30.0060%0.0425%
Level #40.0030%0.0400%
Level #50.0000%0.0350
Level #60.0000%0.0350

BITFLEX Funding Fee Explained

The funding fee is a type of charge applicable only to perpetual swaps or perpetual contract products. Unlike futures, perpetual contracts don’t have an expiry delivery date. To maintain price stability, exchanges employ a unique mechanism called funding rates.

These funding rates play a crucial role in balancing the short and long positions of perpetual swaps. They either incentivize or disincentivize trades to ensure equilibrium in the market. For instance, in an ETH/USDT-P Perpetual Contract, the tracking of ETH/USD’s main index price in the spot market is important to this process. This funding fee mechanism helps regulate and align perpetual contracts with the broader market conditions.

When Does BITFLEX Charge Funding Fees?

Exchanges impose funding fees at specific intervals. In BITFLEX’s case precisely every 8 hours following the contract settlement each day. Although the funding rate is calculated every minute, the actual fees are collected at fixed times: 4:00, 12:00, and 20:00 (GMT+8 Singapore Time).

It’s important to note that users are obligated to pay or receive funding fees only if they hold a position during these specific moments. If a position is closed before the designated fee collection times, no funding fee will be applied.

Why Should You Know About Funding Fees?

Knowing about funding fees and how it works is important for the following reasons:

  • To Determine Payment or Rebate: Funding rates operate against popular trades, transferring fees from short traders to long traders, or vice versa. The exchange doesn’t take a share. Positive funding rates indicate more long positions than shorts, leading to longs receiving a rebate and shorts paying a fee. Similarly, negative rates mean more short positions, resulting in shorts receiving a rebate and long paying a fee.

  • Mitigating Long-Term Divergence: Crypto funding rates ensure consistent price alignment between markets by recalculating multiple times a day. A poorly designed funding rate system can elevate the risk for traders dealing with perpetual contracts.

  • A Sentiment Indicator: The funding rate can serve as a sentiment indicator. High rates suggest significant interest in long leveraged trades, while low or negative rates indicate a crowded short market. Your interpretation of price movements in relation to funding rates could influence your trading strategies. However, the decision to incorporate this aspect is entirely yours.

Calculating Funding Fees on BITFLEX:

On BITFLEX, the funding fee is not charged by the platform; instead, it is directly transferred between users. The formula to calculate funding fees is straightforward:

Funding fee = Position value x Funding rate

The funding rate is determined every minute, and the rates calculated at 04:00, 12:00, and 20:00 Singapore time are used for charging funding fees.

To access real-time funding rates on BITFLEX, navigate to the Trade tab. Choose the perpetual contract you wish to trade, and under the Funding Rate tab, adjacent to the index, you can find the current funding rate. This transparency allows traders to stay informed about funding rates, aiding in better decision-making during their trading activities.

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BITFLEX Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

In the process of selecting an exchange, withdrawal and deposit fees play a crucial role. BITFLEX maintains a customer-friendly approach with no charges for crypto deposits. However, withdrawals may incur fees, varying based on the specific cryptocurrency and the associated blockchain network.

Withdrawal fees on BITFLEX are subject to change due to network congestion on certain blockchains. This flexibility can result in fluctuations over time. To ascertain the minimum charges for each blockchain, users can refer to the fee chart provided by BITFLEX.

Coin/NetworkDeposit FeeWithdrawal Fee
USDT (ERC-20)Free10 USDT
USDT (Omni)Free10 USDT
Bitcoin (BTC)Free0.0004 BTC
ETH (ERC20)Free0.01 ETH
ADA (Cardano)Free0.25 ADA
BNB (BEP20)Free0.01 BNB
TRX (TRC-20)Free1 TRX
XRP (Ripple)Free0.25 XRP
DOT (Polkadot)Free0.10 DOT
SOL (Solana)Free0.01 SOL
MATIC (Polygon)Free0.60 MATIC
ATOM (Cosmos)Free0.01 ATOM

Final Takeaway:

BITFLEX stands out as a user-friendly exchange with a straightforward fee structure. The low fees for both makers and takers make it an affordable choice. BITFLEX’s fee structure competes strongly with some of the best in the industry. Additionally, the simplicity and absence of charges for depositing currency also make it an attractive option.

In conclusion, BITFLEX is a decent option for those seeking an exchange with low fees. Its competitive fee structure and user-friendly policies make it a viable platform for all kinds of traders.

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