How to Deposit Funds on BITFLEX?

BITFLEX exchange was introduced to the crypto scene in 2022 with an aim to enhance global accessibility for crypto trading. This cryptocurrency exchange offers both spot and derivative trading for several cryptocurrencies and stands out for its security-focused approach and user-friendly interface.

The exchange’s design prioritizes simplicity, catering to both beginners and professional traders alike. With a user-friendly interface, BITFLEX ensures that even newcomers to trading can move around the platform effortlessly. Furthermore, advanced tools are also available to meet the needs of experienced traders. This makes the exchange accessible to all expertise levels.

If you are considering joining this exchange or have just created an account on it, the first thing you will need to do is deposit funds. In this article, we will dive into the deposit options offered by BITFLEX and how you can seamlessly transfer funds to the exchange. Let’s take a look:

Step-by-Step Guide for How to Deposit Funds on BITFLEX

You can follow the steps given below to deposit funds into your BITFLEX account:

Step 1: Account Creation (Skip if you already have an account)

Creating an account on BITFLEX is the first step. Visit and create an account. The sign-up process is straightforward, but if you need help, you can refer to our BITFLEX review for a detailed guide on signing up. On the other hand, if you already have a BITFLEX account, you can simply skip this step.

BITFLEX Account Creation

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Step 2: Go to the Deposit Page

Once signed in, visit the homepage and click on the “Assets” tab on the top right of the screen. Choose “Deposit” from the dropdown menu, and that will take you to your BITFLEX deposit page.

BITFLEX Go to deposit page

Step 3: Selecting the Cryptocurrency

On the deposit page, click on the “Coin” dropdown and choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit. BITFLEX currently has support for eleven different cryptocurrencies, including USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon. Just choose the currency you wish to deposit, and you are good to go for the next step.

Select Cryptocurrency

Step 4: Generate Your Wallet Address

To transfer funds, you will first need to generate a crypto wallet address for the crypto you are depositing. Whether you are depositing USDT or any other cryptocurrency, clicking the deposit option will lead you to a page where you can generate your unique wallet address. If using USDT, opt for either the ERC20 or TRC20 network. Copy the wallet address and paste it into the wallet you are using to deposit funds.

Generate Your Wallet Address

Note: Make sure to verify the network twice for both wallets. If you choose different networks on both wallets (e.g., transferring a TRC20 token to an ERC20 address), you will end up losing all your funds.

Step 5: Start Trading

Transfer funds from your wallet to the generated address and wait till it is credited to your account. Once successful, your funds will be in your spot wallet on BITFLEX, ready for trading. For derivatives trading, transfer funds to the derivatives wallet.

Read our article A Step-by-Step Guide to BITFLEX Spot Trading if you are going to start spot trading on BITFLEX.

How to Transfer Funds Between Wallets?

When you open the deposit page, it automatically selects your spot wallet for deposits. However, if you’re looking to trade derivatives on BITFLEX, you’ll need to transfer your funds to the derivatives wallet first.

To make this transfer, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Go to your “Assets” page on BITFLEX. You can navigate to it by clicking on “Assets” at the top-right on your homepage.
  2. On this page, you will be able to see an overview of your assets. Next to this overview, there is a “transfer” option. Click on it to proceed further.
  3. This will open a new window that will help you transfer funds between your spot and your derivatives wallet. As we are transferring from the spot wallet to the derivatives wallet, Select the “Derivatives Wallet” as the destination for your funds.
  4. Specify the amount you wish to transfer and click the confirm button to execute the transaction instantly.
  5. You can now navigate to the derivatives market and start trading crypto with leverage on BITFLEX.

Does BITFLEX Charge a Deposit Fee?

BITFLEX has adopted a customer-friendly approach that allows users to deposit funds without incurring any charges. This means you can deposit any amount without worrying about fees. However, it’s important to note that when transferring funds from another wallet, you may encounter fees imposed by the network, so be mindful of these additional charges.

On the other hand, withdrawals on BITFLEX do involve fees. The specific fees vary depending on the cryptocurrency and its associated network.

Explore details about BITFLEX fees before trading on BITFLEX.

Keep in mind withdrawal fees on BITFLEX are subject to change, especially during periods of network congestion on certain blockchains. Because of inconsistencies within blockchain networks, these fees could fluctuate. To learn about the minimum fee charged by BITFLEX for withdrawals, refer to the table below.

Coin/NetworkDeposit FeeWithdrawal Fee
USDT (ERC-20)Free10 USDT
USDT (Omni)Free10 USDT
Bitcoin (BTC)Free0.0004 BTC
ETH (ERC20)Free0.01 ETH
ADA (Cardano)Free0.25 ADA
BNB (BEP20)Free0.01 BNB
TRX (TRC-20)Free1 TRX
XRP (Ripple)Free0.25 XRP
DOT (Polkadot)Free0.10 DOT

BITFLEX Convert Feature

When depositing cryptocurrencies on BITFLEX, you don’t have to worry about converting your funds into a specific cryptocurrency as long as they are supported on the exchange. For instance, if you have Bitcoin in your personal wallet but want to trade in USDT, you can simply deposit Bitcoin into your BITFLEX wallet and later use the Convert feature to switch it to USDT effortlessly.

BITFLEX Convert is a powerful tool that helps convert one cryptocurrency into another. This feature allows users to select the cryptocurrency they currently hold, input the desired conversion amount, and choose the cryptocurrency they wish to convert it to. Just select the currencies you want to convert with this feature and click on the ‘Get Quotation’ button to get a live conversion rate. If you are satisfied with the rate, you can press the ‘Convert’ button to initiate the transfer, and the currencies will be switched.

BITFLEX’s crypto conversion tool is free to use. The displayed amount during the conversion preview accurately reflects the sum users will receive in their account once the transaction is concluded.

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