A Step-by-Step Guide to BITFLEX Margin Trading

What is Margin Trading?

Margin trading is a tool offered by exchanges that allows traders to open larger positions than their account margin allows. Essentially, it’s like borrowing funds from the exchange or brokerage to increase your buying power.

The main benefit of margin trading is that it allows you to open bigger positions, leading to the potential for increased profits (but also losses). It works by providing additional capital to the trading account, allowing traders to enter trades beyond their account capacity.

After a trade is concluded, the borrowed funds are repaid. Meanwhile, traders get to enjoy the full benefits of the trade’s profits. It’s important to note that different exchanges offer varying levels of margin, with some allowing positions up to 125 times the total capital in a trading account.

Margin trading can seem quite enticing, but it is important to remember it is highly risky as well. With this tool, when you win, you win big, but when you lose, you could end up losing your entire initial margin.

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What is Leverage?

Leverage plays an important role in margin trading. It indicates the amount of money borrowed from the exchange and is represented as a ratio or multiplier. This ratio, like 1:2 (2x), 1:5 (5x), or 1:10 (10x), illustrates how many times your initial capital is multiplied.

For instance, if your exchange account holds $1000 and you aim to open a $10,000 position in bitcoin (BTC), opting for a 10x leverage would grant your $1000 the buying power equivalent to $10,000.

While higher leverage offers the potential for increased profits, it also comes with heightened risk. Even a slight adverse movement in the market’s direction could lead to the loss of your entire margin. Therefore, it’s advised to carefully assess and manage risks when considering leverage. Margin trading is also sometimes referred to as Leverage trading.


BITFLEX is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange that emerged in 2022 with an aim to make digital token trading and investments more accessible and rewarding globally.

This platform shines by offering both spot trading and derivative trading for various cryptocurrencies, with a strong emphasis on security and maintaining a user-friendly interface. BITFLEX’s platform is intentionally designed for simplicity, making it attractive to both beginners and pro traders alike.

BITFLEX also has a user-friendly interface, which means even those new to trading can easily navigate the platform. Simultaneously, advanced tools are available for pro traders, which makes BITFLEX a versatile exchange.

Whether you’re a recent BITFLEX user or are considering it for margin trading in the future, this guide is crafted to assist you. Let’s delve deeper into understanding how to navigate and trade the derivatives market with BITFLEX.

Step-by-Step Guide for Margin Trading on BITFLEX

Margin trading with derivatives on BITFLEX, specifically perpetual contracts, is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get familiar with the process:

1. Create an Account:

To begin margin trading on BITFLEX, start by creating an account if you don’t already have one. Visit and navigate to the “Sign Up” section. You can also find a comprehensive guide in our BITFLEX review that walks you through the account creation process.

Create an Account

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2. Access Derivatives Markets:

Once you’ve successfully logged in, head to the derivatives section by clicking on the “Derivatives” button at the top of your homepage, this will lead you to BITFLEX’s perpetual contract markets.

Access Derivatives Markets

3. Select Perpetual Contract:

Within the derivatives markets, choose the specific perpetual contract you want to trade. This might be represented by a name like BTCUSDT-P, indicating a perpetual contract involving Bitcoin and USDT.

Select Perpetual Contract

4. Place Your Order:

On the right side of the screen, you’ll find the “Place Order” box. For a long position, input the desired order price (limit order), select your preferred leverage ratio (ranging from 2x to 100x), and specify the amount in USDT.

Place Your Order

5. Adjust Leverage:

Customize your leverage by interacting with the leverage drop-down menu. The green number signifies the leverage for long positions, while the red number corresponds to short positions.

Adjust Leverage

6. Execute the Trade:

Click “Open Long” to execute your trade. Confirm the details in the pop-up window, and then proceed by clicking “Confirm.”

Execute the Trade

7. Monitor Your Position:

Keep track of your position in real-time, which is displayed below the Trading View chart in a separate window. This allows you to monitor your profit or loss as market conditions evolve.

Monitor Your Position

8. Close Your Position:

Should you wish to close your position, access the “Close By” tab and click on “Limit.” Enter the closing price and confirm your decision. The position will be closed when the market reaches the specified limit order.

Close Your Position

9. Take Profit and Stop Loss:

For advanced risk management, consider setting a “Take Profit” and “Stop Loss.” Click “Add” under the TP/SL section and enter the desired prices to manage potential profits and losses.

Take Profit and Stop Loss

How to Open a Short Position?

If you anticipate a decrease in price and want to profit from it, follow a similar process in the “Short” section of the “Place Order” box. Keep in mind that, unlike a long position, a short position profits from a decline in price, with an increase resulting in losses.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can easily steer the derivatives market on BITFLEX and start your trading journey on a new exchange.

BITFLEX Margin Trading Order Types:

Order types play an important role in margin trading as they allow you to approach your trades differently on BITFLEX. Here are the three main order types offered by BITFLEX:

  • Market Order
  • Limit Order
  • Conditional Order

Market Order:

A market order is a straightforward command to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at the best available price on the exchange. It executes your trade at the most recent price, which is continuously updated based on the exchange’s order book. Market orders are quick and efficient, making them ideal for cryptocurrencies with low liquidity and minimal volatility. To place a market order, you simply specify the amount of cryptocurrency you want to trade, and BITFLEX swiftly matches you with an open order from the order book.

Limit Order:

Limit orders provide flexibility by allowing you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at a specific price of your choosing. When using a limit order, you indicate the amount you want to trade and the price limit you’re willing to accept. For example, if the current market price for Bitcoin is $41,000, you can set a limit order to buy at $40,000 or sell at $43,000. The key advantage of limit orders is the ability to execute trades at preferred prices without the need for constant market monitoring. This flexibility helps traders to capitalize on price fluctuations without staying glued to their screens.

Conditional Order:

Conditional orders introduce complexity to trading strategies and involve specified criteria for execution. On BITFLEX, two types of conditional orders exist:

Conditional-Limit Order: This order type involves setting a Trigger Price and an Order Price. For instance, you want to buy Bitcoin at $43,000 when its current price is $45,000, but you first want the price to face a rejection at $47,000. You can set a trigger at $47,000, and once it hits, your order for $43,000 will be placed automatically. This ensures that your desired entry point is achieved.

Conditional-Market Order: Similar to the conditional-limit order, the conditional-market order executes at the market rate as soon as the specified condition is met. For example, you might want to buy Bitcoin at a retest of $42,000 with a current price of $45,000, anticipating a dip and expecting a quick rebound. This can be useful when you want the price to hit a certain level before purchasing.

BITFLEX Margin Trading Fees

Fees for BITFLEX’s perpetual contracts are categorized into maker and taker fees. These fees are influenced by your 30-day trading volume and membership level on the platform.

Explore details about BITFLEX fees before trading on BITFLEX.

Your membership level is determined by your trading activity within a specific timeframe. The more you trade, the higher your membership level, impacting the fees you incur. Here’s the breakdown:

Membership TierMaker feeTaker Fee
Level #00.0150%0.0600%
Level #10.0120%0.0500%
Level #20.0090%0.0450%
Level #30.0060%0.0425%
Level #40.0030%0.0400%
Level #50.0000%0.0350
Level #60.0000%0.0350

Bitflex Funding Fee

The funding fee applies solely to perpetual swaps or perpetual contract products which lack an expiry delivery date. BITFLEX uses funding rates to maintain price stability, incentivizing or disincentivizing trades to balance short and long positions. Here is what you need to know about BITFLEX’s funding fee:

  • Funding fees are collected every 8 hours following contract settlement: 4:00, 12:00, and 20:00 (GMT+8 Singapore Time).
  • Users are only obligated to pay or receive funding fees if they hold a position during these specific collection times.
  • No funding fee is applied if a position is closed before the designated fee collection times.


BITFLEX offers a user-friendly environment for margin trading and is also suitable for beginners. The outlined steps provide a seamless guide to steer the platform and execute trades aligned with respect to your strategies. However, it is important to keep in mind the risks that come with margin trading.  If you are using 2x leverage on your trades, you are also multiplying the risk. Always exercise careful risk management trading on BITFLEX and develop your strategies accordingly. Happy trading!

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